Holly Grove Cemetery
Grannis Arkansas

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Location Information
Five and one-third miles East of Grannis on Frachiseur Road
SW, NE, Section 23, Township 6 South, Range 31 West
Parcel #  9152

Submitted by D Ann

The Holly Grove Community had tried for years to purchase from Dierks/Weyerhasuser Co., land adjacent to the church on the West, for a cemetery.  Each office referred the proposition to a higher office, until 1972, when they were told that the company elected to sell no land.

Friday, July 7, of that year, Mrs. Susanna (Anner) Frachiseur, wife of Jim A. Frachiseur, and mother of eight sons, most of whom lived in the community, died.  Still determined to fulfill her wish of being laid to rest near the church of which she had been a member for more than 50 years, the sons approached Clift Lane, who owned the acreage across the road, cornering the churchyard.

Instead of selling the land to the community, he said he wished to give enough for a large cemetery.  With the assistance of friends, a number of phone calls to state officials, etc., space was prepared and she was buried Sunday.

Seven months later, her husband died on Friday, and was buried at her side on Sunday.  Within the following ten years, two of their sons, Nathan and Roy, and two infant great-granddaughters were buried nearby; also Rev. Rimon Wilson of DeQueen, who had pastored the church about 30 years.

Early in July, 1983, Mrs. Jessie Briscoe became the eighth to be buried in this beautiful new cemetery.  A new brick church was constructed several years ago to replace the old one, and a full time pastor was hired.

by Mrs. M.C. Frachiseur
This listed was updated by David Frachiseur 10-30-2004

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Briscoe, David Victor - 8/7/1934 - 8/14/1989
Briscoe, Jessie - 12/9/1911 - 7/5/1983

Cecil, James (Jimmy) - 6/11/1938 - 4/22/1995

Fain, Patricia Oneda - b&d 12/15/1964
Frachiseur, Birdie - 11/22/1914 - 5/8/1997
Frachiseur, Daniel Shawn - b&d- 1/13/1993 - son of Chris and Ann
Frachiseur, Deborah L. - b&d 7/3/1974 - (daughter of Arlie & Robena)
Frachiseur, Edith - 2/20/1918 - 3/2/1985
Frachiseur, Emma - 4/24/1926 - 6/25/1993
Frachiseur, Illfay Oneda - 8/6/1922 -  6/2/2003
Frachiseur, J. W. - 9/19/1913 - 12/28/1995

Frachiseur, James Olton - 1/29/1941 - 11/13/1999
Frachiseur, James Oscar - 5/7/1916 at Grannis, AR - 11/5/2005 at Grannis, AR.
                     Wife: Illfay Oneda Coffey Frachiseur
Frachiseur, James Thomas - 9/21/1933 - 4/2/1989
Frachiseur, Jewell Mae (Wagoner) - 11/21/1920, Grannis, AR- 10/23/2005, DeQueen, AR
                     Husband: Roy Luther Frachiseur
Frachiseur, Jim A. - 6/6/1886 - 2/2/1973

Frachiseur, Math Christopher - 12/4/1921 - 10/19/1999 (Name change by his son)
Frachiseur, Nathan - 2/9/1911 - 2/9/1976
Frachiseur, Rena Elizabeth Reid - 9/12/1927 - 9/28/2004

Frachiseur, Roy Luther - 10/27/1918 - 9/26/1981
Frachiseur, Susanna J. - 10/6/1892 - 7/7/1972

Jones, Dorothy - 6/9/1938 - 3/8/1990

McPherson, Hazel Marie Wilson - 2/8/1928 - 3/28/1988

Smith, Sr., Walter L. - 4/30/1932 - 3/10/1994

Wilson, Rimon L. - 3/14/1910 - 3/10/1978
Wilson, Sara Adella - 8/1/1910 - (married Rimon L. Wislon 12/4/1926)
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Please visit the Polk County Library.  There is a genealogy section at the library.  Or, check www.FindaGrave.com as the Polk County Genealogy Society (Mary L Broderick)  is attempting to put all of this information on the FindAGrave site along with the Markers for the Graves.  It is a massive undertaking.

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