Cecil Cemetery
Vandervoort Arkansas

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Location Information
One-half mile East of Vandervoort
NW, NE of Section 25, Township 4 South, Range 32 West
Parcel #  11742

Submitted by Mary L Broderick

Submitted by D Ann

The Cecil Cemetery is located on the late Francis Marion Cecil homestead.  The one acre plot joins the Vandervoort, Arkansas city limits on the Northeast.

The first person buried here is not known.  In 1896, when the Kansas City Southern Railroad was being built through what is now Vandervoort, a construction worker's child died, while they were camped on the job, and is buried in Cecil Cemetery.

Mr. William Pipes, in 1897, was traveling on the K.C.S. train with his children, when a son became ill an died.  The son, fourteen years old, Claude Pipes, is buried here.

The Cecil family moved to Polk County about 1850, when Francis Marion Cecil was about two years old.  Francis M. Cecil married Rhoda R. LeBow and settled near the cemetery which bears his name.  He reared a family of thirteen children.

There are about 16 unnamed and/or unmarked graves in Cecil Cemetery, among these are the names, Fort, Tennie A. Hansard, Pollard, Hudgins and Benbrooks.

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Affholter, Margaret - 10/13/1898-9/14/1899 (Daughter of Ambrose)
Allen, John F - 1852-1935
Allen, Sally E - 1854-1907
Allen, Sarah E - 5/7/1843-11/29/1878 (Wife of N. O.)

Barnes, Ella - 8/19/1882-1/28/1936
Barnes, Ode E - 6/15/1908 -

Campbell, Emily Catherine - 9/4/1850-7/24/1934 (wife of D R Lebow)
Capehart, Ethel L. - 1896 -
Capehart, William S. - 1894-1945
Cecil, Baby - 11/7/1907-2/17/1908
Cecil, A. Lora - 8/30/1876-5/11/1958
Cecil, Blanche Louise - 8/18/1908-7/30/1909
Cecil, Charles F - 3/6/1873-10/20/1908 (Son of F.M. & Rhoda)
Cecil, Dessie V. - 3/18/1911-3/19/1912 (Daughter of H.C. & A.L.)
Cecil, Effford - 5/5/1899 - 5/25/1901 (Son of Hiram & Leona)
Cecil, Francis M - 11/11/1848-3/12/1940
Cecil, Henry C. 5/2/1870-9/26/1956
Cecil, Hiram - 1877-1948
Cecil, Joseph Orren - 8/2/1890-2/8/1920 (Son of F.M. & Rhoda)
Cecil, Leona - 1877-1963
Cecil, Olin - 10/16/1900-11/13/1903 (Son of H.C. & A.L.)
Cecil, Rhoda R. - 11/19/1847-11/19/1934
Cecil, William - 2/14/1877-4/6/1877

Goff, Lorene - 10/17/1897-7/28/1899
Goff, Luline - 10/17/1897-7/26/1899 (Lorene and Luline were twin daughters of D C & Fannie Goff)

Hansard, Baby - b&d 1/22/1904 (Son of A L and B D)

Lebow, Daniel Lawrence - 4/3/1872-11/30/1964
Lebow, Dick - 10/5/1850-1/31/1917
Lebow, Nina - 7/9/1899 -
Lee, Exie May - 1905-1905 (Daughter of Ed and Luralee)

Nations, Hiram - 9/14/1868-10/12/1899

Pipes, Claude - 1883-1897

Skinner, Bessie E. - 1889-1978
Skinner, Francis Hoyle - 3/4/1922-3/27/1923 (Son of K.H. & Bessie)
Skinner, Kelsie H. - 1890-1966
             Info reported by Kelsie Marea of Oregon:  Kelsie Skinner b) 4/8/___ d) 4/8/1996. 
             Wife: Mary C. Skinner, Father: Kelsie Skinner, Mother: Bessie Skinner

Wilkins, Claude J. - 8/25/1888-8/24/1963
Wright, Frank - 1872-1950
Wright, Lura - 1885-1968

Please visit the Polk County Library.  There is a genealogy section at the library.  Or, check www.FindaGrave.com as the Polk County Genealogy Society (Mary L Broderick)  is attempting to put all of this information on the FindAGrave site along with the Markers for the Graves.  It is a massive undertaking.

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