Zoning Ordinances - R3
City of Mena Arkansas

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Section 3.  R-3 Multi-Family Residential District
1.  Permitted Uses:
  1. One-family dwellings.
  2. Two-family dwellings.
  3. Multi-family dwellings not to exceed four units per each detached structure.
  4. Churches.
  5. Parks, playgrounds, etc.
  6. Schools offering a general education course.
  7. Kindergartens (public or private).
  8. Hospitals, nursing homes, doctor and dental clinics, etc.
  9. Accessory structures and uses pertinent to the principal structure and use.
2.  Lot area: 
  1. One-family dwelling:  Minimum 5,500 square feet.
  2. Two-family dwelling:  Minimum 7,000 square feet.
  3. Multi-family:  7,000 square feet for the first two-family units plus 1,500 square feet for each additional unit to a maximum of four units per structure.
3.  Yard Requirements:
  1. Front yard:  20 feet from property line or 40 feet from center line of existing right-of-way, whichever is greater.
  2. Side yard:  7.5 feet from each property line.
  3. Side yard facing street:  Same as front yard.
  4. Rear Yard:  Minimum of 7.5 feet from property line or center of alley where one exists.
4.  Width:
  1. Minimum width of a lot at the front yard or building line shall be 50 feet for one-family dwelling and 60 feet for two-family dwelling.  For each additional unit over one, an additional 10 feet shall be added to a minimum width requirement for two-family dwellings.
5.  Height: 
  1. Maximum height of a structure shall be two stories and not to exceed 35 feet.
6.  On-Lot Parking Space:
  1. One-family and Two-family:  One on-lot parking space shall be provided for each family unit.
  2. Multi-family:  Four on-lot parking spaces shall be provided for the first two-family units, plus one on-lot parking space for each additional family unit.
7.  Places of Public Assembly:
  1. Height:  Maximum height shall be 2 stories and not to exceed 35 feet for that portion of the structure used for assembly or offices.

  2. Yard Requirements:  Minimum of 25 feet from all property lines.  On property abutting a street, 25 feet from property line or 50 feet from center of street, whichever is greater.

  3. On-Lot Parking:  Places of public assembly shall provide one on-lot parking spaces per each 6 persons accommodated in the assembly hall.


Information is deemed reliable; however, we recommend that you check with City Hall prior to purchasing property to insure that the proper facility can be built on the property.  You may need a zoning variance.

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