Zoning Ordinances - I1
City of Mena Arkansas

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Section 6.  I-1 Restricted Industrial District.
1.  Permitted Uses:
  1. The manufacturing, compounding, processing, packaging or assembling of those products that will require cleaner and more quiet industries and will involve a minimum of noise, dust, odor or vibrations.
  2. The storage of bulk materials that will not endanger the health, safety and general welfare of the people.
  3. Retail uses that are accessory to the above operations and other essentially similar uses such as animal hospitals, repair shops, transportation terminals, wholesale outlets, farm machinery sales, laundries, lumber yards, restaurants, and service stations.
  4. Motels, tourist courts, mobile home parks, etc.
  5. Veterinarian clinics.
2.  Area:  Lot Coverage:
  1. No structure may cover more than 33.3 percent of the lot area.
3.  Yards:
  1. All structures shall be built at least 25 feet from all property lines.
  2. Where property abuts a railroad where siding facilities are utilized, structures may be built up to the railroad property lines.
4.  Height:
  1. Maximum height of a structure shall be two stories and not to exceed 30 feet.
  2. The Board of Adjustments may waive the height requirements when it is demonstrated that equipment and the structure to house the operation require greater height.
5.  On-Lot Parking Space:
  1. On-lot parking spaces shall be provided all employees and visitors.
6.  On-lot Loading and Unloading:
  1. Each structure or use shall provide on-lot loading and unloading facilities which will not block a street, alley, or other public way.
Information is deemed reliable; however, we recommend that you check with City Hall prior to purchasing property to insure that the proper facility can be built on the property.  You may need a zoning variance.
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