Zoning Ordinances - C2
City of Mena Arkansas

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Section 5.  C-2 Highway Commercial District.
1.  Permitted Uses:
  1. Retail establishments providing goods and services for the motoring public.
  2. Office buildings and uses.
  3. Automotive service, repair and storage, provided that wrecked or salvage vehicles are stored inside a building or are enclosed by a solid fence and are not visible to the public from the street or sidewalk.
  4. Motels, tourist courts, mobile home parks, etc.
  5. Veterinarian clinics.
2.  Street Yard Requirements:
  1. Minimum of 25 feet from all street property lines or 50 feet from center line of existing right-of-way whichever is greater.
3.  Height:
  1. Maximum height of a structure shall be one story and not to exceed 20 feet.
4.  On-Lot Parking Space:
  1. On-lot parking spaces shall be provided all employees.
  2. Provisions shall be made for on-lot and customer parking to handle normal anticipated demand.
  3. Motels, tourist courts, mobile home parks, shall provide one on-lot parking space for each sleeping unit or mobile home space.
5.  Loading and Unloading:
  1. Loading and Unloading facilities shall be provided so as not to block any public way.
6.  Mobile Home Park.
  1. Definition:  Mobile home park means any plot of ground upon which two or more mobile homes, occupied for dwelling or sleeping purposes, are located, regardless of whether or not a charge is made for such accommodation.
  2. A mobile home space means a plot of ground within a mobile home park designed for the accommodation of one mobile home.
  3. The mobile home park shall conform to the following requirements:
  1. The park shall be located on a well drained site, properly graded to insure rapid drainage and freedom from stagnant pools of water.
  2. Mobile home spaces shall be provided consisting of a minimum of 1,500 square feet for each space which shall be at least 30 feet wide and clearly defined.
  3. Mobile homes shall be so harbored on each space that there shall be at least a 15-fot clearance between mobile homes.
  4. All mobile home spaces shall abut a driveway of not less than 20 feet in width, which shall have unobstructed access to a public street.

This section was removed with Ordinance No. 914 creating C-3 Zoning.

C-2 Highway Commercial Zoning District with the exception that any person, persons, firm or corporation owing both the mobile home and the real property whereon said mobile home is or is to be located may apply to the Board of Adjustment for a variance which if granted, shall be limited in term to one year with the provision that said Board of Adjustment upon proper application may grant one additional variance of one year duration and no other extension is authorized.  (Ord. No. 635 § 1, dated June 7, 1966)
Information is deemed reliable; however, we recommend that you check with City Hall prior to purchasing property to insure that the proper facility can be built on the property.  You may need a zoning variance.
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