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Moving Check List

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8 Weeks to Moving Day

o Check your credit!  If renting your new home, try to obtain a current credit report.  If purchasing a home, be sure to check on your credit report to make certain there are no errors!
o Look into getting moving and/or storage insurance to cover your items during the move.
o Using a Mover?  Start getting estimates from moving companies.  Try to shop around as much as possible for the best rate.  Don't forget to check on insurance during your move.
o Self Move?  Select the rental truck you want to use.  Be certain to reserve it well in advance since reservations may fill up quickly at certain times of the year.  Something you may not know about is ABF U-Pack.  Arkansas Best Freightways drops the trailer of the Semi at your front door and leaves it there three or four days while you are loading your own semi.  Then you lock it and they deliver it to your front door when you call them for delivery.  Then they leave the trailer there for three or four days while you unload it and then they pick it up.  One of our clients moved from New Jersey to Mena for $3,000.  Please remember to get insurance for your load when you are moving by either of these methods.  Your homeowner's insurance does not cover off-premise items if stolen, lost or damaged.
o Pets:  Check on possible quarantine and/or vaccination requirements for your pet, especially if you are moving out of state or overseas.
o Children:  If you have small children, be certain to research child care options in your new area.
o Children:  Asses the quality of school districts in your new area.  Compare schools.  We have a complete school section on this site.  Make yourself at home and visit are various school districts and private schools.  Click on the link below to access schools.
o Overseas:  Contact the consulate for the country you are moving to to insure that you have all proper paperwork prepared and available.
o Overseas:  Make certain your passport is current and valid.  If you do not have one, be certain to get one well in advance.
o Overseas:  Obtain a visa if you will need one.  You may talk to the consulate about the steps necessary to obtain a visa.

7 Weeks to Moving Day

o Make a Moving File to store receipts, records, and important papers related to your move.  Take these in the car with you.
o Begin removing unwanted or unneeded items from your attic, garage, basement, or storage.  Plan to donate these or sell them.  You may want to list them on e-Bay or Yahoo Classifieds.
o Check to make certain that you have returned all borrowed items including video rentals and library books.
o Gather important documents (birth certificates, immunization records, insurance documents, etc.) and place them in a briefcase, strongbox, or other secure place to insure that they do not get misplaced during the move.
o Using a Mover:  Get in touch with a moving company and set a date for the move.  Fill out any necessary paperwork, and be certain to get moving insurance if you need it.  Check with your insurance agent about off-premises personal items to be certain you have full coverage.
o Overseas:  Research the customs and laws of the country you are moving to.  If you have not been there, try to visit before you move.
6 Weeks to Moving Day
o Update your car registration and driver's license with your state's motor vehicle department.  You may also need to notify your auto insurance carrier.
o Make item donations.  Remember to collect receipts for tax purposes.  Contributions may be a deductible item on your tax return.
o Sell your old and unwanted stuff on Yahoo! Classifieds or E-Bay or hold a garage sale before you pack.  It costs money to move unwanted items.
o Notify your dentist and doctor of your move and ask for referrals.   Make certain you insurance covers the doctor/dentist in your new area.
o Forward or cancel any monthly services, subscriptions or memberships.
o Pets:  Make certain you have transportation arrangements for your pet.  Buy a carrier.
o Pets:  Notify your veterinarian of your move.  Obtain any records for your pet, and ask for a referral.
o Children:  Select a school for your children and arrange to transfer immunization records and transcripts.  Try to visit the school before deciding if this is possible.
o Research the financial situation in your new hometown.  Open a new bank account and change your currency if necessary.

5 Weeks to Moving Day

o Make reservations for a room at a local motel for the night before moving day.  This is the best way to make certain you can get a good night's rest and a shower while all your things are packed up.  For local "Area Lodging" check the link near to bottom of this page.
o Contact utilities to cancel or transfer accounts.  For local area "Utilities" check the link near the bottom of this page.
o Overseas:  Research driving laws in your new country.  You may need to apply for a foreign driving permit.
o Overseas:  Make certain you have current vaccination records.  Make certain you receive recommended vaccinations for the country you will be moving to.
o Overseas:  Research insurance options in your new country.  Your US insurance may or may not be valid after you move and you may need to buy new insurance in your new country.

4 Weeks to Moving Day

o Fill out an official address change of addresses for the United States Postal Service.  As you pay your monthly bills be certain to send in your change of address.
o Notify all important business and personal contacts of your new address.  Fill out changes of address for creditors and magazine subscriptions.
o Leave a forwarding address with the next tenants or owners of your home if possible.
o Self Move:  Buy boxes and packing material.  A wonderful way to store and move your items are in plastic containers.  They are almost as cheap as buying boxes and they last longer.  If you will continue to store these containers are more pest and insect proof.
3 Weeks to Moving Day
o Start Packing:  Begin with rooms of the house you don't use as much and finish with the kitchen.  Choose a room of the house to serve as a temporary storage area for packed boxes.  Check out our How to Pack section for tips on how to pack like a professional!
o Check into storage options for those items you cannot move immediately and may need to store temporarily.
o Make an inventory of important and/or expensive items in your home as you pack.  Try to take photographs of these items if possible.  You may need this inventory for insurance purposes in case items get lost or damaged in the move.
o Children:  Start involving  your children in the move.  Make it exciting by having your children pack some of their own things, and letting them figure out new layouts for their rooms.
o Children:  If you have young children, arrange for a babysitter on moving day.  You can concentrate on the move knowing your children are watched and safely out of the way.

2 Weeks to Moving Day

o Go back through each of your "Week by Week" to do lists and make certain you have completed all your items.
o If you live in a high rise apartment, be certain to reserve an elevator for the day of your move.
o Close any local bank accounts and open new ones in your new location.  Try to get checks printed with your new address as soon as possible
o Make certain you do not forget to clean out and close your safety deposit box at your local bank.
o Drain gas from any gas powered equipment before you pack it up.  Try to make disposable arrangements for any oil, gas, or other hazardous substances you will not be able to move, use, throw away, or give to family, friends, and neighbors.
1 Week to Moving Day
o Make backup copies of important files on your computer before packing it.  Take your computer with you.  Do not put it on the moving van.
o Service your car, especially if you're traveling to your new place by car.
o Have a party to use up perishable food items, beverages, and alcohol.  Donate food items you don't consume to a shelter or food bank.  Put Charcoal in your Refrigerator, even if you are leaving it for the new homeowner, to absorb odors, unplug it and prop the door open to prevent mildew.
o Confirm any travel plans or reservations you may have made for moving day (flights, hotel, rental cars, etc.)
o Using a Mover:  Confirm arrangements with your moving company.
o Refill Prescriptions
o Pets:  Pack a travel case for your pet.

Moving Week

o Be certain to have some cash on hand for the day of the move.  You may need it to tip movers, buy snacks, etc.  If you are moving out-of-state, keep in mind that may businesses do not take out-of-state checks or credit cards.
o Begin cleaning your house.  Make certain to defrost your refrigerator and freezer if it is not self-defrosting.
o Do a final walk-through of your old residence, checking closets, drawers, etc.  Turn off all lights, lock all doors and windows, and leave keys with your old property manager or REALTOR if you sold your home.  Leave old keys, garage door openers, broiler pans, landscape/house plans and instructional manuals needed by the new owner with Realtor or in a kitchen drawer.
o Self Move:  Pick up your rental truck and any moving equipment you may need (dollies, cars, furniture pads, etc.)
o Let close friends or relatives know the route and schedule you will travel including over night stops.  Use one person as message headquarters.
o Pets:  Keep your pet confined on the day of the move.  Make certain they are in a safe place away from the hubbub of the move with plenty of food and water.  Consider taking a dog or cat to the kennel for the day.  But don't forget to pick them up on time.
o Pets:  If you boarded your pet during moving day, don't forget to pick him up.
o Children:  If you left your small children with a sitter or day-care don't forget to pick them up in time.
o Pets:  Introduce your pet to your new home slowly.  Be certain they will not be able to run back to the old house for the first few days.
At Your New Address
o Obtain Certified Check or Cashier's Check necessary for closing the Real Estate Transaction at your new home.
o Check on service of telephone, gas, electricity, water and garbage.
o Check pilot light on stove, hot water heater and furnace.  That gas company will do this when turning on your service.  If the meter is just being read, these items should automatically stay on.  Call your utilities and ask that the meter be read when the old owner turns off service so it will automatically stay on in your name.
o Ask Mailman for any mail he may be holding for your arrival.
o Have a new address recorded on your driver's license.
o Register your family in a new place of worship.
o Register children in school.
o Arrange for medical services:  Doctor, Dentist, Vet, etc.
o Transfer funds, arrange check-cashing.
o Arrange credit references.
o Notify Insurance Companies:  Life, Health, Fire and Auto.
o Check to see if your Will or Trust needs updating to be in effect in Arkansas.
o Pets - If you live inside the Mena City Limits, your pet must be vaccinated and kept on a leash.
o Call the Mena Star Newspaper @ 479-394-1900 to set up delivery of your newspaper.
o Check for our local Yellow Pages for other services that you may need to schedule.

Things you'll need to do after settling in:

o Driver's License
Department of Finance and Administration - Commonly known as the "Revenue Office"
Northside Shopping Center, Mena, AR 71953                             Phone:479-394-2333
When establishing residency in Arkansas you should get your vehicles registered and obtain your Arkansas Driver's License.  You must turn in your current Driver's License.  Please have the following items with you:
  • Current Driver's License
  • Proof of Vehicle Insurance
  • Proof that you have declared your Personal Property with the Polk County Tax Assessor's Office
  • Title to your vehicles

If you have any questions please call the above number for information.  After you have registered in person the first year you may then receive your annual tag renewal stamp by ordering online or through the U.S. Postal Service. Driver's License are renewed every four years on your birthday.  You must do this in person.  Due to identity theft problem we highly recommend that you do not use your social security number for your driver's license.   A unique number can be issued automatically by the State of Arkansas.

o Assessing Personal Property and Homestead Exemption for Real Estate Taxes
Polk County Tax Assessors' Office, 507 Church Street , Mena, AR 71953      Phone:  479-394-8111
When establishing residency in Arkansas you should call the Polk County Tax Assessors' Office and register your motor vehicles, boats, etc.  You may or may not have to go in to register your vehicles to first time.  Please has your title handy for information which will be required to register these items.  If you have purchased a residential property you will need to also claim your Homestead Exemption.  A $300 Real Estate Tax Credit is available under this exemption.
o Voter Registration:  Polk County County Clerk, 507 Church Street, Mena, AR 71953       Phone:  479-394-8100
Please call this office to find out what you will need to bring with you and residency requirements.
o Vehicle Inspection Stickers
Arkansas does not require annual or periodic vehicle inspections.  By law you are to keep your vehicle in proper working order at all times, i. e, headlights, tail lights, turning signals, wind shield wipers, brakes, emissions, etc.

Water Companies in Local Area


Acorn Rural Water Association
121 Polk 114, Mena, AR 71953


Serves Acorn Area North and East of Mena

o Freedom Rural Water Association
3740 Highway 8 West, Mena, AR 79153

Serves Highway 8 West and into Oklahoma, 71 South of Mena

o City of Mena Water and Sewer Dept
701 Mena St., Mena, AR 71953
Billing Office
Bookkeeping & Public Relations
Maintenance Dept
After Hours


Serves inside Mena City Limits
& Nunley/Board Camp
Rural Lines


o City of Hatfield Water and Sewer Dept
Customer Service
115 Town Hall Park, Hatfield, AR 71945

Serves inside Hatfield City Limits

o City of Cove Water Department
Customer Service
City Hall, Cove, AR 71937

Serves inside Cove City Limits


o Vandervoort-Hatton Water Association
Customer Service
108 E 4th St, Vandervoort, AR
870-387-2941 Serves Vandervoort and Hatton Areas
o City of Wickes Water Department
Customer Service
108 Main Street, Wickes, AR
870-385-2575 Serves inside Wickes City Limits
o City of Grannis Water Department
Customer Service
Grannis, AR
870-385-7216 Serves inside Grannis City Limits

Natural Gas Companies in Local Area

o Center Point Energy (ARKLA)
Customer Service
After Hours
To Locate Underground Mains
Service is available in many cities and some rural areas.

Propane Companies in Local Area

o AmeriGas
Customer Service
Toll Free
1159 B Hwy 71 S, Mena, AR 71953
o Graves Propane, Inc
Customer Service
Toll Free
1408 Hwy 71 S, Mena, AR 79153
o Southern LP Gas
Customer Service
Toll Free
After Hours
Hwy 71 S, Mena, AR 71953
o Synergy Gas
Customer Service
2103 Hwy 71 S, Mena, AR 71953

Electric Companies in Local Area

Customer Service
Underground Locate


Mena & Hatfield
inside City Limits
o Rich Mountain Electric Co-op
Customer Service
1003 Mena St, Mena, AR 71953
1-479-394-4140 Serves Rural Areas Outside City Limits of Mena, Hatfield
o South Central Arkansas Electric Co-op
Customer Service
1140 Main St, Arkadelphia
1-870-246-6701 Serves Daisy, Delight, Kirby, Glenwood,
New Hope  & Murfreesboro
o Entergy (AP&L)
Customer Service
Electric Outages
Underground Locate

o Southwest Arkansas Electric REA
110 Crosstrails Rd., DeQueen
Customer Service
Local Customer Service


Trash Hauling

o County Trash Service
1310 HiWay 71 N, Mena, AR 71953
Customer Service
479-394-5999 Serves outside Mena City Limits in Polk County
o Southern Disposal Service
2608 Hiway 8 East, Mena, AR 71953
479-394-2175 Serves inside City Limits of Mena Arkansas.  Billed with your Water Billing except special services.
o Waste Service Industries
5564 Hwy 71 S, Cove, AR 71937
Customer Service

Telephone Service

Pay Your Telephone Bill on Line
Residential Customers
Order New-Move-or Change
Billing Questions - Disconnect
Payment Arrangements
Repair (24 Hours A Day)
Internet Services



SBC services the City of Mena, communities of Nunley, Board Camp, Big Fork, Ink, Yocanna, Cherry Hill, Acorn, Eagleton, Rich Mountain, Potter, New Potter, Rocky, 8 West to the Oklahoma line.
o Alltel
Pay Your Telephone Bill on Line
Customer Service
Residential Customers
Repair (24 Hours A Day)
Internet Services - Sales
Help Desk

The Local Calling area (LATA) for Alltel:
Just South of Potter, Hatfield, Cove, Vandervoort, Wickes, Grannis, Amity, Daisy, Delight, DeQueen, Dierks, Gillham, Glenwood, Horatio, Lockesburg, Mount Ida, Murfreesboro, Norman, Oden, Okolona, Umpire

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We are in hopes that this moving check list has helped you plan your move.

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