Extension Homemakers Clubs
in Polk County Arkansas

 Ink EHC - Ink Arkansas Area
 Ink Area
Contact Berniece Huber
Meeting Day Varies
 Mena EHC - Mena Arkansas Area
 Mena Area
Contact Marian Lee
Meeting Day 2nd Wednesday
Meeting Time 1:00 pm
Meeting Place First Presbyterian Church, Mena, Arkansas
 Wickes EHC - Wickes Arkansas Area
 Wickes Area
Contact Maxine Holman
Meeting Day Varies
 Homestead EHC - Mena and Acorn Arkansas Areas
 Mena & Acorn Area
Contact Peggy Beaver
Meeting Day Varies
 Happiness EHC - Hatfield and Cove Arkansas Areas
 Hatfield & Cove Area
Contact Rose Varner
Meeting Day 2nd Wednesday
Meeting Time 9:30 am
Meeting Place Hatfield Town Hall
 Back Country EHC - Mena and Board Camp Arkansas Areas
 Mena & Board Camp Area
Contact Julia Bentley
Meeting Day Varies

 Wilhelmina EHC - Rocky and Lake Wilhelmina Arkansas Areas

 Mena, Rocky & Wilhelmina Area

Contact Othae Davis
Meeting Day Varies

Mission Statement

The mission of this organization shall be to empower individuals and families to improve their quality of living through continuing education, leadership development, and community service.

Extension Homemaker Creed

I believe in the Extension Homemakers Club program and accept the responsibilities it offers to be helpful to others and to provide for continuous improvement in all levels of living.

I believe that through working together in a group we can enlarge the opportunities, enrich the life of our people, and create a more contented family and community life.

I believe in my own work as a homemaker. I believe that the greatest force that molds character comes from the home, and I pledge myself to create a home which is morally wholesome, spiritually satisfying, and physically healthful and convenient

History of Arkansas Extension Homemakers

The Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council is a partner with the Cooperative Extension Service, University of Arkansas' adult education program in agriculture and family and consumer sciences. The Cooperative Extension Service is one of the three branches of the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, Food and Life Sciences, and a cooperative undertaking between the Land-Grant University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It is financed by federal, state, and county governments. Administrative offices are located on the campus of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and at 2301 South University Avenue, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Extension Homemakers Clubs are the county organization through which adult education is made available under the leadership of County Extension Agents - Family and Consumer Sciences. Subject matter specialists in family and consumer sciences furnish county personnel with the best available scientific information relative to pertinent developments in their respective fields. Further guidance is given to the county Extension program by the Extension District Directors or Associate District Directors with responsibility for family and consumer sciences.

County Extension Homemakers Councils are the planning and executive units representing the State Council at the local level. Specifically, their purposes are to: (1) strengthen, develop, and support Extension programs which work toward raising standards for family and community life; (2) support 4-H club work as a vital part of the county Extension program; (3) develop leadership among persons who compose the Extension Homemakers groups; and (4) interpret and sponsor state and nationwide projects approved by the State Council and the Cooperative Extension Service, University of Arkansas.

Extension Homemakers work began in Arkansas in 1912. The first club in Arkansas – and possibly the first in the nation – was organized in Mabelvale in Pulaski County. In August, 1929, the State Council was organized by 125 women representing 27 counties while attending Farmers Week in Fayetteville. Mrs. E. L. Salyers of Pulaski County was elected President.

The organization has operated under several names. The original name, when the State Council organized in 1912, was the Home Demonstration Clubs. In 1966, the name was changed to Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council. At the Annual State Meeting on June 3, 1992, the name was changed to Arkansas Association for Family and Community Education. In September of 1994, members voted to withdraw from the national organization, and on September 26, 1995, they voted to change their name back to Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council, Inc.

Each name represents an important part of the organization's history, and each name is descriptive of the organization at that time. During the home demonstration era, the County Home Demonstration Agent traveled throughout the county and presented educational demonstrations in the various communities. Homemakers were seeking information that would help them primarily in the home. The major program focus was on food production, food preparation, and food preservation. Few women worked outside the home.

When, in 1966, the name was changed to the Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council, Inc., the era reflected the importance of developing leaders in the organization. County Extension Agents - Family and Consumer Sciences were facing a transition in their role with the organization. Homemakers broadened their focus, and club members became more involved in the delivery of educational programs to their respective communities. Training leaders to extend educational information has been a positive force for helping families in Arkansas during this time.

In 1992, the name was changed to the Arkansas Association for Family and Community Education. The words “family,” “community,” and “education” described the organization. “Family” is the number one reason for our existence, “community” is our outreach, and “education” is how we reach the family and community. It is important to reach our families and our communities with current, needed information.

In September, 1994, members voted to withdraw from the national organization and return to the name Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council, Inc. They felt this better suited them. Regardless of the name, the mission of the organization remains the same. They continue to strengthen families.

The organization has hosted two national conventions – one in 1963 and one in 1994. Both were chaired by Frances Royston, Pulaski County.

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Source of data:  Polk County Fact Book 2005 and Personal Interviews
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