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Fishing Conditions

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Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

2 Natural Resources Drive
Little Rock, AR 72205

Toll Free


How to Buy a License

MasterCard, Visa, Discover Accepted

24 hours a day - 7 days a week

Buy on Line at

In Little Rock from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm
Buy Over-the-Counter
in most sporting goods stores, hunting and fishing supplies stores, some discount chains, boat docks.


Fishing Conditions

Recorded messages call 1-800-ASK-FISH

Master Angler Program

Little Rock 1-501-223-6300

Lost License

Replacement license are also available from the
regional offices.

Call 501-223-6349
(or 1-800-364-4263)
during office hours

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Boating Education Classes

1-501-223-6377 (Little Rock) Toll Free during Office Hours

Stop Poaching Hotline

24 hours a day - 7 days a week 1-800-482-9262
Cingular Customers Dial #TIP (#847)
Alltel Customers Dial *TIP (*847) 

Stop Poaching Hotline

In 1981 the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission created the “Stop Poaching” Hotline. This 24-hour manned phone system was designed to receive calls from the public to report poaching.  Each caller is eligible for a monetary reward based on the amount of the minimum fine in the event a citation is issued for the violation being reported. 

Caller’s names are kept anonymous and if you wish you do not have to even leave your name.  Callers are assigned a WATS line number to correspond with their report and they can check back later for information to determine if they are eligible for a reward. 

The calls go directly to the 24-hour radio dispatch center at Mayflower where they are processed and dispatched immediately to the officer closest to the area of complaint.  Last year the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission paid over $37,990 in rewards to concerned Arkansans.



Cellular Phone Stop Poaching Hotline (TIP)

Cingular and Alltel cellular phone users in Arkansas have a direct line to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s TIP program. A special phone number in the Cingular and Alltel wireless system can be used to turn in poachers.

Cingular customers can dial #TIP (#847) or Alltel customers can use *TIP (*847) for turning in poachers. The number is an acronym for “Turn In Poachers.” Alltel minutes used on the hotline will not be charged against the user’s cell phone minutes. Cingular customers will have minutes charged against their cell phone usage.

The calls will be routed into the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s radio room. The TIP line will be answered 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and all calls are kept confidential.

Cingular Customers Dial #TIP (#847)
Alltel Customers Dial *TIP (*847) 

Chief of Fisheries

Mike Gibson - Little Rock


Turkey Regulations

are available by calling



Arkansas Fishing Regulations

are available by calling  1-800-223-6351

Report a Boating Accident


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Boat Launch Permits

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers 501-324-5551

Arkansas State Parks

For a FREE full-color guide Call Toll-free at 1-888-AT-PARKS

Get Your Hook Wet!

The State Parks of Arkansas offer access to 29 sparkling lakes and 10 rivers.  Choose from quiet float streams perfect for small mouth bass enthusiasts or lakes renowned as largemouth bass hot spots.

Enjoy some of the state's best crappie, catfish and bream fishing or experience some of America's premier trout streams.

Whether you're casting for bass or trolling for stripers, you'll find plenty of angling adventures at Arkansas State Parks.

Today, over 29,000 programs, tours, and events are presented for the enjoyment and education of park visitors.  You'll find 247 miles of trails to hike.

Overnight accommodations include 1,738 campsites, 119 cabins, and 4 magnificent lodges offering you a choice of lakeshore or mountaintop settings, and more.

or Visit our State Parks right here at VisionMena - State Parks

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Arkansas Bass Association

Doug Swann, ABA President P.O. Box 1863, Little Rock, AR  72203
-- Our Mission --
Help to Preserve Fishing in Arkansas
with Education, Habitat, and Stocking

The Arkansas Bass Association is celebrating 30 years of working to enhance the future of fishing in Arkansas.

Through education, habitat restoration, stocking and working closely with the Arkansas Game and Fish commission, The Governor's office, and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and the ABA embers and their concerns, we are continuing our mission and see our goals come to fruition.

Please help us celebrate by participating in our events.

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Arkansas Stream Team

STREAM TEAM Coordinator
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
2 Natural Resources Drive
Little Rock, AR  72205
or call 501-223-6371


Come On In - The Water's Great!

Click Here to Join the Arkansas Stream Team and adopt a section of our Natural State's 90,000 miles of lakes, rivers, streams, bayous, creeks or springs!  As a member of Stream Team you can participate however is best for you...from litter pickup to water quality monitoring to stream restoration!  Its free and fun and a great activity for all ages.

The Arkansas Stream Team program is one of the fastest growing programs in the state with over 450 teams now in place, made up of Arkansas volunteers.  Dozens of stream clean-ups were held last year which removed literally tons of garbage and dumped materials from our waters.  Over 70 teams are monitoring the physical, chemical and biological changes on their streams each month.  More than two dozen restoration projects were completed last year, which included reshaping and fortifying eroding stream banks, improving fish habitat and planting trees.

So jump on in and help keep our waters in their natural state.  Click Here to Join the Arkansas Stream Team and help us make a difference for Arkansas.

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Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation

Steven Smith, President
Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation
2 Natural Resources Drive
Little Rock, AR  72205
-- Our Mission --
  • To acquire and provide financial support for properties and facilities for conservation education programs, wildlife habitat, and land for game and fish management programs through gifts, donations, bequests, and grants;

  • To develop, promote and participate in conservative education programs for educators, students, and all other Arkansans;

  • To help assure the future of high-quality hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities in Arkansas, and

  • To support the mission of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

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Conservation Reserve Program

Benton 1-877-948-2690
  Brinkley 1-877-734-4581
  Calico Rock 1-877-297-4331
  Camden 1-877-836-4612
  Fort Smith 1-877-478-1043
  Hot Springs 1-877-525-8606
  Jonesboro 1-877-972-5438
  Mayflower 1-877-470-3650
  Monticello 1-877-367-3559
  Hope 1-877-777-5580
Cash payment, bonuses in CRP signup opportunities for riparian landowners.

Tree buffers along streams reduce nutrients, sediment, pesticides, and other pollutants in surface runoff.  Establishing tree buffers protects and improves water quality as well as providing critical habitat for fish and other aquatic creatures.

In addition, bobwhite quail, grassland birds, rabbits, deer, turkey, and other wildlife can benefit.  Production agriculture can coexist with these conservation practices without "giving up the farm."

Soil is saved, water quality improved and fish and wildlife populations increased.

Continuous CRP is a voluntary program offering annual land rental payments for 10-15 years, onetime incentive payments, cost-share payments, and maintenance payments to establish forested tree buffers along streams on agricultural land.

Riparian Forest Buggers, CP22, can be established for either marginal pasture or row-crop areas although rental payments differ.  The rental rate ranges up to $96 per acre per year.  Cost-sharing is available for tree planting, off-stream watering ponds for livestock and fencing.

Farmers and ranchers can enrolling CRP at County Farm Service Agency Offices and help can be obtained from the  county Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) office.  Rental payments are based on the soil type of the crop-land and more information on these is available at the County NRCS or FSA office.

Need more information?  Contact an AGFC Private Lands Biologist or *Stream Team Coordinator (toll free):  See Above Numbers

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Arkansas Game and Fish Regional Offices
Lake, River and National Forest Boundary Properties for Sale
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